Rebuntu = Reboot + Ubuntu

Kiro’o Games, Cameroon’s first video games design company, unveils the secrets of its success to the African Start-Ups community through a digital mentoring programme Kiro’o Rebuntu.

  • Find out how to raise funds as we did from 2013 to 2015
  • Discover our hiring secrets and team and project management
  • Learn from 13 years of experience by avoiding the mistakes we made

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    Get a summary of our 13 years of experience.
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    Don't you have any money? MINPOSTEL sponsors ICT projects in Cameroon.

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    Mentoring is not coaching or training
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    Kiro’o Games developed from scratch the first African Fantasy RPG on PC between 2013 and 2016 : Aurion, the Legacy of the Kori-Odan

    We are a team made up of 95% Cameroonians trained in the local public universities. Though we had almost no chances to succeed at the beginning, we made our own way by breaking the walls of our environment.

    They talk about us

    Rebunted talk about it

    • Celine Victoria Fotso

      Founder of je Wanda Magazine

      "I feel very privileged to have access to this knowledge"

    • Christine Djafa

      Founder of lifeasCM

      "Kiro'o Rebuntu is like a slap in the face that calls to order."

    • Pierre Imboua

      CEO of KILAWI

      "It's the real experience that speaks, not the smoking theory. It's concrete "

    • Carlita Nguea

      CEO of LouLou's Nights

      "Rebuntu is for me the A to Z method of creating a Startup "

    • Thierry Ebengue


      "Rebuntu broke the concrete wall that was trying to get me to move forward with my project "

    • Sandy Nguefack


      "Rebuntu has more than once almost given me tears in my eyes "

    • Geraldine Kamana

      Founder of Agribio+

      "Concrete and benchmarks, that's what I needed most "

    • Roly Khentache

      Personal Finance Trainer

      "I've never had to read a document as powerful as Rebuntu's. "

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